Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dyna 70 Foot Yacht!

While at the Lido Yacht Expo I wasn't just mucking around the Earthrace boat, I also checked out the new 70 foot Dyna Craft yacht being brokered by John Beery sales. This boat has a very expansive feel with a spacious salon and four state rooms including two twins, a VIP and a master suite which has a Jacuzzi tub. The yacht was built in Taiwan and can hit a top speed of 28 knots but generally cruises around 20. The yacht sells for around $2.25 million. After the jump, join me aboard.

Renova Black Toilet Paper

If you are aiming for a unique look for your bathroom, perhaps after a remodel, there is one detail that every single person will notice, despite the fact that they probably never gave it more than a half-second of thought in the past: the toilet paper. Using Renova Black Toilet Paper, imported from France, instead of the ubiquitous white will draw comments and compliments from guests, not to mention that it just looks cool. The paper will not match an overly flowery bathroom decor, but if your tastes tend towards the modern end of the spectrum, this would be perfect. Price, for a package of six rolls: $22.