Thursday, December 21, 2006

World's Most Expensive Jeans

Forbes has the scoop on the most expensive jeans. They cite trends towards custom-fitted denim and lots of added detailing, including embroidery and crystals, as major reasons that prices were driven upwards, but not every pair on their list has these features. The single most expensive pair was 115-year old Vintage Levis sold on eBay for $60,000, followed by the significantly newer Ernest Sewn custom jeans, which cost up to $1,000 per pair.
Other pairs we liked this year included Levis iPod Jeans and Denim for Immortality Jeans, though we also liked the opportunity to make our own from Denim Design Lab.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Pamper Yourself. BringThe Spa Home!

Any day is the right day to pamper yourself. Cozy loungewear and luxurious products help you relax and unwind. Plus, these products are “mental health investments,” since, unlike a single spa visit, these last and last and last. A cotton sateen sheet set is perfect for breakfast in bed. Splurge on the highest quality you can afford, to give you the feeling of staying in a four-star hotel. Loungewear creates a perfect excuse to relax all day and forget about your usual hectic schedule. Soft cotton separates, such as yoga pants or casual tops can also be combined with jeans and trousers for fashionable, yet comfortable looks on more “real world” days. What’s a spa without beauty treatments? Give yourself the full spa experience with a plush cotton robe and stock the bathroom with cotton-centric products like cotton-scented candles, cleansers and bath mitts. Keeping your spa pantry stocked means that you have a relaxing escape at your fingertips when you need it most. Luxurious cotton sheets, comfy loungewear and cotton beauty products are not just a special treat for you, keeping yourself relaxed and happy benefits the entire family.

PRATIMA Ayurvedic Spa

At PRATIMA Ayurvedic Skin Care Clinic and Spa, a creation of Dr. Raichur, we have taken the traditional principles and formulas of Ayurveda and created a unique array of services to restore balance to your whole being, address problem skin, counter the effects of stress and aging, and cultivate a genuine, lasting beauty.
Each of our luxurious treatments are customized to complement your individual dosha (body type) - nourishing your skin with what it wants and what it needs. The products we use are Dr. Raichur's exclusive formulations, based on decades of research in Ayurveda, botany, and biochemistry, and are made with only all-natural ingredients and the purest herbs, roots, flowers, minerals and essential oils, with no chemicals or preservatives whatsoever.
From exotic facials and massages to traditional Ayurvedic therapies incorporating elements including milk, rose, sandalwood and pure oils mixed with herbs; each treatment and consultation is customized to complement your individual dosha (body type) leaving you with a revitalized, radiant beauty that emanates from deep within.

Are you Vata, Pitta or Kapha? Take this quick Dosha Test to help determine your own Ayurvedic constitution/skin type to learn more about the wonderful science and beauty of Ayurveda.

Head down to SoHo for your favoritePratima Ayurvedic Skincare Clinic and Spa servicesand products!As of April 19th, 2006, we are excited to announceour new address as: 110 Greene StreetSuite 701New York, NY 10012(between Prince and Spring Street

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Medical Pedicure

I come not to praise your bunions, but to bury them!Or at least that's the thinking behind the medical pedicure -- a new trend in high-end beauty treatments. According to an article in the New York Times, medical pedicures refer to a treatment involving "extensive cleaning, sanding, buffing and shaping."Unlike the pedicures most of us have come to love, which typically involve strip malls, special foot-bath chairs and conversations amongst pedicurists in languages you do not understand, the medical pedicure takes foot cosmetics to a whole new level. The actual services involved in a medical pedicure can vary. If the service is provided by a medical spa, customers can expect to have their calluses, corns and ingrown toe-nails cut out with specialized tools. Some tend to be less involved and invasive -- offering customers a thorough cleaning and shaping that still trumps what you would get in your neighborhood nail parlor. And what is the explanation for this trend? My guess is over-exposed feet. With springtime shoes that are going from bare to hardly there, it's no surprise that women have started to feel self-conscious about the appearance of their feet. The beauty industry has tapped into a new lucrative market with this treatment, since the average medical pedicures range from $100-$300.


Because, apparently, there are enough My Super Sweet Sixteen types out there, gadget companies seemingly can't find enough reasons to bling up their wares, and Samsung is surely no exception. To commemorate the 1 millionth Yepp YP-Z5 unit sold, the company and interface designer Paul Mercer (he also designed the iPod's 'face) are auctioning off 10 of these 18k gold bars, which are predicted to net over $1,000 each. Go for it, if you're in Korea.

Wine Auctions

Don't turn to Trader Joe's for a bottle of Two-Buck Chuck if you're looking for a good price on wine. The Wall Street Journal (subscription) reports that more and more wine lovers are heading to auction houses like Christie's to shop - not for the ultra-expensive or rare bottles of wine, but for bargains. Many lots of good, ready-to-drink wines, perhaps "from overzealous collectors, who bought more than they [could] drink," sell for well under $100 per bottle.
When people consign their collections to the auction block, they almost always have several lower-ticket items in addition to the really expensive bottles of Chateau Petrus that the auction houses take one either because they must, or because they're hoping to attract new bidders. Whatever their reason for offering the wines, the budget bottles are a boon to wine fans who find cases of their favorite vintages for less than retail. The self-described "bottom feeders" say that it just takes a little research on the catalogue listings to sniff out the best deals, but to come home with some good wines at even better prices, it is worth the effort.

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Sure, you could pick up your own seashells on the beach but they won't come pre-gilded. Ruzzetti and Gow sells a variety of gilded seashells that are far better than anything you could put in your pocket while beachcombing. The shells range from the exotic murex to the iconic sand dollar and are priced from $50 to $225. They also offer shells and coral dipped in silver.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Red) is a charitable effort that is designed to raise money for the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, especially in underfunded and underprivileged areas of the world. Armani is one of the designers participating in the program and his newest addition to the Armani Red line is an Inspi(Red) Watch. The watch has a 43mm stainless steel case with a coin-raised bezel and a leather strap. The strap is available in either black with red contrast stitching or red with black (pictured). It is a unisex timepiece and has an extra-large numerical display for easy readability. It is available in all Armani stores and the retail price should be $225.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Mercedes-Benz S6000

The last thing we are thinking about is the winter holidays but Mercedes-Benz is showing off the new 2007 CL600 flagship coupe which will debut in the Saks Fifth Avenue's "The Gift" Holiday catalog. The 20 Saks Special Edition CL600 coupes have a Mystic White exterior, Porcelain Nappa leather and Piano Lacquer Black interior with five-spoke 18" wheels, and a 510-hp twin-turbocharged V12 engine. Pricing has yet to be announced this year but last year's 20 S600 flagship sedans which cost $145,775 sold out in less than ten minutes. The catalog comes out in October. A shot of the interior is after the jump.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Trip to Verona

Duing my recent trip to Verona Italy, I enjoyed visiting classical and medieval monuments, a picturesque town center where bright geraniums bloom in window boxes, and a romantic reputation, thanks to its immortalization as the setting of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. It is one of Italy's most alluring cities, despite extensive industrialization and urban development in its newer sections. There's an opulence in the air and in the shops that line the red Verona marble pavements with their enticing and elegant wares. Inevitably, with its lively Venetian feel, proximity to Lake Garda, and renowned summer opera season, it attracts hordes of tourists, especially vacationing Germans and Austrians, who drive over the Brenner Pass.

G. Jackson

Scott's Hotel, Estate of the Month

Join me for a little fantasy this Friday. Today's estate is the chance to buy a restored 18th century hotel in Spain. This charming small hotel is located in Mallorca´s wine region, an area whose charm has not been completely exploited yet. The hotel has 17 bedrooms total: five full suites, one junior suite, two super king doubles, two king doubles, three queen doubles, three twins and two singles. All rooms have ensuite bathrooms and air-conditioning. The hotel also has an indoor spa pool. Enjoy breakfast with your guests on the sunsplashed terraces or in the indoor breakfast room. Gather in the evening in the library, bar, or the inner courtyard garden. It is listed at 6 million euros. You can see even more pictures at the Scott's Hotel website. After the jump, who needs the Tuscan sun?
G. Jackson

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Classic Harbor Line Cruise

It's prime leaf-peeping season but you don't need to haul yourself up to Vermont. The Classic Harbor Line is offering a fall foliage cruise that starts in Manhattan and meanders along the Hudson river. The cruise includes a brunch buffet and warm apple cider. The three-hour tour takes place not on the SS Minnow but on the Manhattan, a 1920s-style commuter boat that has an enclosed seating area, glassed-in observatory and heated and enclosed cabin. The cruise runs each weekend through November 12 and costs $85 per person.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Pet Pavilian

This Louis XV Pet Pavilion is only for animals who really deserve to live like kings. It is styled after an 18th century French commode (which we prefer to think of as just a little building, since it sounds a bit classier) and is hand-carved from mahogany and rosewood. It is liked with antique-style Newton Ferrers fabrics and the colors and patterns can be chose to suit your own tastes. Customizations are available, if you need a larger or smaller bed than the 35" H x 27" W x 27" D standard, or simply prefer a custom finish. Price: $24,266.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Where to Surf in New York

Main Beach Surf & Sport's mission is to provide a gateway for people to experience their natural surroundings on the East End. We provide the public with local knowledge, product knowledge and expert advice on how to best utilize those products. Our services expand our clients' awareness and experience of the East End's natural beauty. Our goal is to accomplish all of the above with great respect and professionalism.
Owner - Lars SvanbergLars has been a surfer, athlete and outdoor enthusiast for the past 25 years. Now 44, he has completed 10 Ironman Triathlons, numerous adventure races and marathons. World surf travel has been his first love and he has built the Main Beach store around this love. "Getting people to experience their outdoor environments in challenging and exciting ways has always been my number one goal," he says.Having surfed all over the world in search of the best waves the planet has to offer and sharing his experiences with his customers has lead to a perfect union of lifestyle and business. "I use and test all the products we sell. It's about offering and participating in what I love most," says Lars. "The ocean has always been my first love; surfing, kayaking, swimming long distance, or just bodysurfing. My whole life revolves around the ocean and it's natural rhythms."Main Beach Surf and Sport has imbibed this love for the ocean and it's local environments. According to Lars, "My store is a natural reflection of my life." It's a simple equation, integrate your business life and love for the outdoors and the ocean. A perfect symmetry unfolds: Main Beach Surf and Sport, a natural resource.
Main Beach Surf & Sport328 Montauk HighwayWainscott, NY

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dyna 70 Foot Yacht!

While at the Lido Yacht Expo I wasn't just mucking around the Earthrace boat, I also checked out the new 70 foot Dyna Craft yacht being brokered by John Beery sales. This boat has a very expansive feel with a spacious salon and four state rooms including two twins, a VIP and a master suite which has a Jacuzzi tub. The yacht was built in Taiwan and can hit a top speed of 28 knots but generally cruises around 20. The yacht sells for around $2.25 million. After the jump, join me aboard.

Renova Black Toilet Paper

If you are aiming for a unique look for your bathroom, perhaps after a remodel, there is one detail that every single person will notice, despite the fact that they probably never gave it more than a half-second of thought in the past: the toilet paper. Using Renova Black Toilet Paper, imported from France, instead of the ubiquitous white will draw comments and compliments from guests, not to mention that it just looks cool. The paper will not match an overly flowery bathroom decor, but if your tastes tend towards the modern end of the spectrum, this would be perfect. Price, for a package of six rolls: $22.

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Canine Boutique

We have seen bakeries for dogs that rival their human counterparts, but Zoomies is a store that has really gone to the dogs. It is a lifestyle boutique for canines. They stock a wide range of luxury products, from dog collars to dog beds, and offer gourmet dog treats, all in an environment that is relaxing for owners, in addition to being fun for the dogs. And if you want your pet's chew toys to match your accessories, try picking up some Jimmy Chew Shoes or a Chewy Vuitton Handbag while you're there.

Perdomo Golf Cigars

Golf and cigars go together like beer and football and with increasing smoking regulations indoors, the golf course may be the last bastion of the public smoker. This led Tabacalera Perdomo to introduce the new Perdomo Golf line. The new cigar line comes in eight sizes from a petit corona to the types of larger cigars that may take half a round of golf to finish. The cigars have a Connecticut shade wrapper and all the tobacco is grown in Nicaragua. The cigars retail from $4.50 to $10 and a golf pack called The Caddy which has four tubed Perdomo Golf cigars, four customized golf balls and a cigar cutter is also available.

Entry Upgrades

Hello everyone! An easy way to create and upscale appearance for an entrance is to upgrade it with designer wood moldings. This project was completed in 2 days. Visit Dykes Lumber for decorative moldings.

G. Jackson

Diamond Education

Diamond education is actually harder to come by than you might expect. If you go to the mall (affectionately known as the maul in the industry) I guarantee the salespeople will not educate you about diamonds. The few who appear to be educating you are very slanted toward pushing their products, so what you get for an “education” is nothing but a bluff. One maul store tried to sell very poor quality rocks with their “proprietary” cut that was really nothing special, but it gave them justification for inflating the price on very cheap rocks. There are four main factors to consider with a diamond: Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut. To that I personally add Commission, Commodity Value, and Cost, because as a man I want to get the best value for my commodity, while at the same time valuing the emotion involved.
Buying a diamond involves a lot of trade-offs, and each person wants something different when it comes to carat, color, clarity, cut, and cost. Taking those five “C’s,” pick 4 and we’ll talk.
Carat Weight
Carat weight is easy to understand – the bigger the diamond, the more carat weight it has. For an engagement ring, your woman will look at it several times a day for the rest of her life, some estimate a million views in her lifetime, and let’s face it, size matters. A one carat stone where I come from is basically ridiculously enormous, but the effect shoud be to really pamper communicate that someone is ridiculously special to you.
Color is easy to understand as well. The scale goes from D which is completely colorless and for normal jewelry ranges to about J, which has a noticeable yellow tint when you look at it carefully. Go with something in the GHI color category, because these are colorless to the naked eye, but some color can be seen under magnification. If you don't exect to put your ring under magnification or using special equipment most of the time, this is areasonable trade-off.
Clarity has to do with inclusions. Inclusions is an industry word which simply means natural imperfections in the stone. A stone graded as IF is “Internally Flawless” and has no imperfections. VVS1 is Very Very Slightly Included Level 1, VVS2 is slightly more inclusions, VS1 has more, etc. VS2 is the lowest grade at which you definitely cannot see any inclusions with the naked eye. SI1 is the highest grade at which it is possible to see an inclusion, but it’s definitely visible under 10X magnification. I prefer to choose to shop between VS1 and SI1 for clarity. However, the SI1 end of the scale makes me little nervous, and since that’s where I often end up buying, let me explain why.
The cut is the only human-regulated part of the diamond. A diamond cutter gets a raw diamond stone from the mines and has to figure out how to make a masterpiece out of a chunk of carbon atoms. The important factor in the cut is how the cut affects light return. When you look at your ring, will you see something dull and un-amusing, or will it shock you with its brilliance and sparkle? Thankfully, there is science involved in the cut which helps in locating a well cut stone. You can find information about table percentage, pavilion depth, polish, and symmetry anywhere on the net, but I’d like to share some things which really made a difference to my decision. The crown and pavilion angles are not commonly reported on a diamond, but they have an important impact on the light return of a stone. A picture says 1000 words:
When a diamond cutter decides to go the extra mile, he can create an “Ideal Cut” diamond, with proportions within very exacting limits which should cause the maximum light return possible. When you start shopping for Ideal Cut diamonds, some things become apparent. The discount stores rarely deal in Ideal Cuts. The healthy wealthy stores like Tiffany’s and Co. do not deal in Ideal Cuts. Depending on where you live, local retailers are not dealing in Ideal Cut stones. This leaves the consumer to surf the net and try to find a needle in a haystack of options.Even though there is a bit of a premium on Ideal Cut stones, because they take about twice as long for a diamond cutter to produce as a non-ideal stone, personally, I like to choose to maximize on the cut.
Everyone is working with some type of budget. When you decide what you’re going to spend, and which parts of the other 4 “C’s” equation are important to you, it starts coming down to nickels and dimes. Should I buy a D color, VVS2 clarity, ½ carat stone, or for the same price should I buy an I color, SI1 full 1 carat stone? Each person must answer this question for himself, and that’s why you need the knowledge. There are a few sites on the web that sell diamonds from a list of available diamonds in the country. They don’t carry the stones in stock, and they’re all selling from the same list. These sites include and You can find some smokin’ deals on these sites, but there is a very important drawback to consider. Service! There’s a world of difference in buying a stone that has all the mathematical proportions correct from a list, and buying from an experienced jeweler who has the rocks in stock and can provide extremely detailed information on light return, as well as the mathematical proportions. In my shopping experience, I did not find this service with list sellers, I did not find this service with Costco’s wholesale jewelry program, and I did not find it with Tiffany’s and Co. Where I found this level of personal service and support is with Barry (Baruch) Gutwein. Barry takes the time to help you understand the parts of the diamond market that were more confusing to me and make recommendations based on my needs and desires. For each of his SuperbCert branded Super-Ideal Cut diamonds, he takes the time to provide all this information:
GIA grading report MegaScope report BrillianceScope report Actual Hearts and Arrows photo Actual ImageScope photo Actual Inclusion photo Additional diamond photos Many sites will show photos of a “similar” stone, which isn’t what you’re buying! Don’t be fooled by this, be very careful as to what you’re looking at in the picture. Once you finally settle on a stone, make sure you put it into something beautiful. Take time to pay attention to the setting. Tiffany’s and Co. invented the classic diamond solitaire setting that is the epitome of elegant style in engagement rings. The classic knife-edge ring in platinum is very beautiful and does an amazing job of setting the stone in a way to maximize the effect of all that light return. Unfortunately, Tiffany’s sells mandatory blue boxes with each ring, and those blue boxes apparently cost as much to produce as the diamond and setting put together. I found that a frugal shopper could spend about ½ the dollars to get a perfect stone and setting without the blue box. Not all replicas are created equally.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Luxury RV

This luxury motorcoach motorcoach from Volkner Mobil has a mobile garage between the axles that can hold a small car such as the BMW Z4, Mercedes-Benz SLK and the MINI Cooper. Up top it is a traditional luxury RV with a dining room, bedroom and bathroom. The new RV, which is being shown off at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany has a slideout platform for the car.has a mobile garage between the axles that can hold a small car such as the BMW Z4, Mercedes-Benz SLK and the MINI Cooper. Up top it is a traditional luxury RV with a dining room, bedroom and bathroom. The new RV, which is being shown off at the International Caravan Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany has a slideout platform for the car.

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Flat panel TVs look great, sleek and far less bulky than any ordinary TV, especially if you choose a large screen size. Unfortunately, unless you have a niche in the wall carved out for the screen - which is a good idea, but can be a hassle - there will be wires along your wall connecting the cable, DVD and any other relevant equipment. The Samsung SPD-50P7HDT Wireless is a 50" flat screen that solves these problems. It comes with a wireless AV center to which all of your extra equipment can attach. The center then transmits the signals to the screen, hanging wire-free (except for the power cord) on the wall. It's only available in Korea at the moment, and is priced around $5,000.

Dorm Room Luxuries

Dorm rooms, even the nicest ones, are not luxury accommodations by any stretch of the imagination. If you fill them with luxury furniture, install some wall panels and have all the latest gadgets, it's a good start. Unfortunately, this isn't really an option for most college students. Forbes has put together a guide to some affordable luxuries that are appropriate for a dorm room. The music-lover (or the heavy sleeper) can try the Portable iPod Travel Alarm Clock ($99) and a gadget-loving student might enjoy a miniature drink vending machine ($150), with a built in refrigeration system. And, to make the communal bathroom experience a little more bearable, try a monogrammed Horchow robe ($190).
Check out the whole list for a few more ideas.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Caressa K Yacht Launched!

We talk quite a lot about yachts here, as they are one of the most luxurious things that money can buy. This week, the Wall Street Journal took a look at some of our favorite ships, dubbing them McYachts(subscription req'd), due to the constant competition among enthusiasts for the biggest and best boats with the most luxury features. They also put together a convenient pricing guide, defining how much you can get for the amount you're willing to pay. Keep in mind this is just a ballpark, but it's a good place to start if you're thinking of getting into the game.
$2 million - 60-ft yacht with two staterooms, a salon and a dining area
$20 million - 140-ft yacht with 3 decks above water, 5 staterooms and an aft deck
$50 million: 190-ft yacht with 4 decks above water, a sky lounge and an elevator
$75 million - 250-ft yacht with a gym, pool, helicopter pad and garage (helicopter may or may not be included; pilot extra)
$194 million - 450-ft yacht with a theater, spa, salon and a wood burning fireplace, in addition to everything listed above and a good deal more.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Luxury Tipping Guide

Forbes has answered a very interesting question pertaining to tipping. With all the luxury services that new hotels offer, there are many more people that you will come into contact with than just the porter and the maid. How do you know who to tip and - more importantly - how much to tip?
The first lesson is that some resorts are all-inclusive and will have a "resort fee" added to the bill (15-20% against the room rate) that is to be distributed as tips for the employees; no additional tipping is necessary here, and many employees will not accept them. If this is not the case at your hotel, employees who should be tipped include the concierge, doormen, drivers, pool attendant and those who offer special services, like masseurs. See the full guide for details on who gets a dollar, who gets 20% and what you should expect in return.
And don't forget the maid. Leave a few dollars a day, depending on the size of the room and the size of your mess.

1016 Madison Ave NY, A Grand Estate

This latest blockbuster piece of real estate to hit the market in New York City is located on upper Madison. The seven-story 12,000+/- sq. ft. townhouse has its original architectural details. Inside there is a large central staircase and elevator. The home has investment and retail potential. It has been home to a high-end rug shop and an art galley. This amazing property is listed at $48 million. After the jump, just a tease of the grand scale of this home.

Pitt Bulls are Vogue in LA

Vogue may have picked the Dandie Dinmont Terrier as the top dog for the summer, but celebrities and celeb-wannabes in Los Angeles all seem to be picking up Pit Bulls instead. Jamie Foxx has two and one even has a staring role on the TV show Veronica Mars. The dogs are being welcomed with open arms by the dog-loving community in the city, and registrations have doubled in the past few years. But unlike the toy dogs that can be simply tucked away in a bag if they misbehave, pit bulls require excellent training and many precautions in their care before they make safe pets - and hopefully the trendy pooch lovers will keep this in mind before getting their own

Ralph Lauren Joins the Hotel Bandwagon

Lauren of Nature
DONATELLA VERSACE did it. Bulgari are about to do it. And now style legend Ralph Lauren is planning to join the fashion hotel bandwagon. The white haired designer is currently putting together plans to move his international company into the hotel industry, and allow his fans the chance to take their holidays in true style. The designer hotel fad was originally kicked off by Donatella Versace, who opened the suitably extravagant Palazzo Versace on Australia’s Gold Coast last December. Bulgari followed suit by hooking up with US hotel group Marriott and promising to scatter their own version of the high fashion hotel all over the world over the next five years. But for Lauren, it is still very early days. “He just had the idea,” says an eager rep. “It would be really amazing if it comes off but really it has hardly even got to the planning stages yet.”

The Shave of Beverly Hills

Where is the best place to get a shave in Los Angeles? Los Angeles Magazine just chose The Shave of Beverly Hills to their best of Los Angeles list. The Shave of Beverly Hills is an updated version of the old barbershop, complete with the revolving barber pole. They do the classic shave routine complete with the straight razor and the hot towel. The shop also includes a retail store and the place is decorated with an Old Hollywood theme that includes black and white photos of icons. The plethora of flat screen TVs make it just a bit different from the old-fashioned barbershops. A classic shave takes 45 minutes and costs $65.

Friday, July 28, 2006


If you enjoy adventure-sports and other such activities which let your adrenaline pumping and don’t mind doing crazy things sometimes then how about trying Blokarting! Blokarts are the last word in go-karting fun and though its not as sophisticated as go-karting but it seems to be loads of fun! The Blokart is a three wheeled go-kart with an attachable sail which in no means can run on water but it can cover up to 25 knots of wind, reaching speeds approaching 70mph with its three metre sail.
IWantOneOfThose reports, “The Blokart is made from the most aerodynamic and high quality of materials. The chassis is made from high strength steel for durability, the axles and suspension out of fibreglass for optimum flexibility and bump absorbency, and the shielded high speed bearings are pre-greased for speed.” And, with such high cruising-speed, the Blokart weighs in at only 27kg, packs into a bag small enough to take on holiday and can be assembled in ten minutes using no tools. And, as far as the terrain it rides-on, you can drive it on nearly any large terrain, from the beach to a field depending on the wind speed. So, if you don’t mind going crazy having fun then put-on your seat-belts and start cruising!! The Blokart sells for a crazy price tag of $2,495.50.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Luxury Knockoff Items Hit Ebay!!

If prices like that for some of the hottest luxury brands seem unreal, it very well might be because the goods themselves arent real.
Visit this link to avoid making costly mistakes.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Wall Mounted Aquarium

This was a great hit for my kids. Just like the modern designed fireplaces that can be mounted on the wall, you can now also hang-up your aquarium just like a picture-frame. And, not just that, you can experiment with your idea of keeping a lovely aquarium in your home in quiet a number of ways that will give a vibrant kick to the aesthetics of your home. I just told you about Shay Alkalay’s wall mounted revolving fish bowl that could set you back for above $2,000. But, that’s not it, I have brought to you choices galore be it a wall-mounted aquarium, or a fish tank loaded in a coffee table!! This wall-mounted aquarium (featured here) is a great artistic expression that will not just save you on your valuable floor or shelf space but will give your wall a lively touch too! This is infact a natural and better option to grace your wall then hanging a painting! The unit is a mere 4 1/2″ deep, so it will not protrude into your living area and it has room for up to 12 tropical freshwater fish (not included). TheGreenHead reports, “The aquarium features advanced filtration, lighting, air pump and heating systems, all encased within a clear shatterproof PCB composite that provides a distortion-free view.” The wall-mounted aquarium also has a built-in side-mounted LCD monitors filtration, oxygen levels, and temperature for precise environment control and it also has a steel mounting bracket for safe hanging. The wall-frame aquarium comes for just $299.95. And, if you think instead of this wall-mounted aquarium, you would go for a coffee table aquarium then check-out some really great options at eBay.