Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Caressa K Yacht Launched!

We talk quite a lot about yachts here, as they are one of the most luxurious things that money can buy. This week, the Wall Street Journal took a look at some of our favorite ships, dubbing them McYachts(subscription req'd), due to the constant competition among enthusiasts for the biggest and best boats with the most luxury features. They also put together a convenient pricing guide, defining how much you can get for the amount you're willing to pay. Keep in mind this is just a ballpark, but it's a good place to start if you're thinking of getting into the game.
$2 million - 60-ft yacht with two staterooms, a salon and a dining area
$20 million - 140-ft yacht with 3 decks above water, 5 staterooms and an aft deck
$50 million: 190-ft yacht with 4 decks above water, a sky lounge and an elevator
$75 million - 250-ft yacht with a gym, pool, helicopter pad and garage (helicopter may or may not be included; pilot extra)
$194 million - 450-ft yacht with a theater, spa, salon and a wood burning fireplace, in addition to everything listed above and a good deal more.

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