Friday, July 28, 2006


If you enjoy adventure-sports and other such activities which let your adrenaline pumping and don’t mind doing crazy things sometimes then how about trying Blokarting! Blokarts are the last word in go-karting fun and though its not as sophisticated as go-karting but it seems to be loads of fun! The Blokart is a three wheeled go-kart with an attachable sail which in no means can run on water but it can cover up to 25 knots of wind, reaching speeds approaching 70mph with its three metre sail.
IWantOneOfThose reports, “The Blokart is made from the most aerodynamic and high quality of materials. The chassis is made from high strength steel for durability, the axles and suspension out of fibreglass for optimum flexibility and bump absorbency, and the shielded high speed bearings are pre-greased for speed.” And, with such high cruising-speed, the Blokart weighs in at only 27kg, packs into a bag small enough to take on holiday and can be assembled in ten minutes using no tools. And, as far as the terrain it rides-on, you can drive it on nearly any large terrain, from the beach to a field depending on the wind speed. So, if you don’t mind going crazy having fun then put-on your seat-belts and start cruising!! The Blokart sells for a crazy price tag of $2,495.50.

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